Sensitive Data

Axis provides you a complete solution to discover and manage your enterprise sensitive data and eliminate risk of your data falling into the wrong hands

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  • Finding sensitive data across all your databases and files takes lots of painstaking analysis work
  • Data stored in older systems are not easily understand
  • Manual analysis of what is sensitive data and what is not can take even longer
  • Understanding the potential risk of storing sensitive data is not always very clear
  • Once you find the sensitive data you need to manage and secure it


  • Axis uses leading state of the art software combined with years of experience to find where your applications are keeping PII and HPAA data
  • Once the sensitive data is identified Axis creates a plan to secure it
  • Axis works with your team to secure your data


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  • Fluent understanding of data in older systems
  • Reads data in data centers and in the cloud
  • Save yourself enormous analysis time needs to find it manually