Data Privacy Process

Let Axis put order around the chaos of data privacy. We have unmatched experience designing business processes that make data security easy and adapted to your enterprise’s unique requirements.  We design processes that make it simple and effective for employees to safeguard your data and protect your organization from expensive data privacy failures and fines.

Watch the video to learn more about Axis’ customized data privacy process solutions.


  • Data privacy isn’t a priority until it is too late
  • Organizational resistance – you built it, but they won’t come.
  • Rigid processes slow your business down or become obsolete as your business changes.
  • New software products use old processes and can’t deliver on promises

Solution - Axis Phased Approach

Simple is Hard

Our team works hard to create a streamlined process that is both easy to use and protects your sensitive data.  No more managing exceptions for every application.  We leverage software products that speed up the process of creating and distributing secure data so user can get it on demand by using automated workflows to reduce the delays from cumbersome approval processes that generate endless meetings…

Group 88
Process Design
Process Implementation
Onboarding and Applications
Group 87
Initial Onboarding
Masking Guide
Hands-on Training
Process Improvement
Group 89
Operational Support
Hands-on Training
Masking Guide
Process Improvement