Data Privacy Process Design

A process to scale up Data Privacy for the entire enterprise

Our experts developed a provenĀ methodology during our 20 years of providing data privacy services to Fortune 500 clients. We design a business process catered to your needs that is simple and easy for your employees to follow and safeguards you against hefty fines due to a violation.

Watch the below video to learn more about our customized data privacy process design solutions!

Challenges Axis Can Solve

  • Organizational resistance – you built it, but they won’t come
  • Stale processes that becomes obsolete as your business changes

Axis Phased Approach For Implementations

  • Each phase of the project has key milestones that are customized based on your current and future requirements
  • Not just theory, our processes have been developed from Axis’s hands-on experience
  • Design controls for enterprise implementations
  • Processes have been proven successful
  • Integrated with your other DevOps tools

Our Process Design Service Covers...

  • Data privacy onboarding for non-production environments
  • GDPR and/or CCPA compliance
  • Technical business implementations

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