Large Scale Virtualization & Masking


This global financial services firm is a leading provider of mutual funds and other financial products and services to millions of individuals and institutions. It has a large and complex IT infrastructure comprising hundreds of legacy and new applications and databases. Having previously completed a DLP implementation the client had a basic understanding of what data needed to be secured. Subsequent audit findings combined with client business requirements mandated a solution to virtualize and mask customer data in all non-production environments.

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  • Our client needed a highly automated and scalable masking and virtualization solution that could accommodate the client’s large number of databases and files and address complex data sharing and data integrity requirements.
  • Our client needed to securely share data to build new applications to support the business.
  • Our client needed a solution to support more than 1,000 developers/testers and other IT resources working in the numerous non-production environments


Axis developed a highly automated, self-service test data provisioning solution utilizing Delphix Virtualization and Masking. It was then integrated into the client’s existing IT environment. Integration with the existing workflow solution ensured that it met all the client’s security standards. The Axis solution significantly increased the efficiency of the existing development process, providing data on demand. The secure data was delivered to users via a self-service portal using ServiceNow to manage approvals and workflows.


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The Axis Data Virtualization and Masking solution delivered outstanding results:

  • Our client was able to rapidly virtualize and mask over 250 databases in less than a year
  • Stakeholders were able to extend virtualization and masking for their non-production data needs on-demand

Over 1,000 developers/testers were working in development, testing and other non-production environments, making coordination and integration critical factors for the solution’s success