Our client in Pekin Illinois, has been providing insurance services to clients in over 21 states since 1921. Today, they are one of the nation’s most successful insurance providers, with combined assets of $2 billion, more than 800 employees, 1,500 agencies, and 8,500 independent agents.

Our client uses the Guidewire Insurance Platform which provides property & casualty insurers a platform that allows them to determine and manage the risk involved in insuring the property. This software is crucial for insurance companies to remain competitive because having the shortest and most efficient test cycles can save companies tens of thousands of dollars per test cycle.

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  • Copies of databases for developers and testers took too much disk space
  • Data refreshes from production for developers/testers took too long
  • Limited DBA resources created bottlenecks for data refreshes
  • Rolling masked data from on-premise to the AWS cloud environments was ad-hoc and had no clear effective path
  • Guidewire has sophisticated functionality and data structures


They hired Axis to provide a sophisticated data protection strategy for their data privacy initiative using the Delphix Data Platform. The Axis Data Privacy solution began with meetings with stakeholders to understand requirements and priorities.


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The Axis solution provided Pekin the following advantages:

  • Test data was available in 2 weeks which is a reduction of over 50%.
  • The extra time allowed our client to perform more in-depth testing resulting in more identified bugs and fixes prior to production releases
  • Storage requirements were reduced by over 40%

Axis implemented a secure data provisioning solution that eliminated the bottleneck of waiting for up-to-date test data. This shortened project timelines, allowing the development teams to develop and test in parallel