GDPR Tokenization and Masking


This global financial services firm is a leader in supplying public companies with proxy and shareholder communications, annual reports, and other financial documents. In this unique case, the client needed the data secured in Europe so it could be transferred to the US for processing, and then sent back to Europe for use in normal business processes, while being GDPR compliant

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  • GDPR compliance created significant challenges for this global business’s core data processing applications which were run on a mainframe in the United States but utilized internationally.
  • No single vendor product could solve these challenges and configuring a new European mainframe did not make business sense.
  • Developing a custom solution from scratch would be expensive and time-consuming


  • Axis developed a hybrid solution integrating Delphix Masking and Virtualization with Sotero Protect© that meet the needs of the client, including
  • Automated mainframe masking, creation of virtual databases from custom self-service templates, security policy configuration, application profiling, and masking, and Sotero API integration.
  • Used the APIs to integrate these two leading data privacy products.
  • Axis’s repeatable, scalable solution allowed the client to comply with GDPR requirements without opening a new data center in Europe.


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The Axis GDPR tokenization solution delivered outstanding results in less than 6 months:

  • Tokenized various Swift files
  • Created custom algorithms to implement the client’s specific tokenization logic
  • Performed CopyBook analysis and optimization to facilitate the mainframe masking and tokenization activities Tokenized millions of records quickly

The client plans to apply this solution to other parts of their business.


Axis’s solution tokenized 100s of files in less than 6 months, allowing the client to rapidly expand their EU customer base.