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Data Virtualization allows you to rapidly provide complete, fully functional databases to all your stakeholders without expensive data refreshes.  Axis provides you data virtualization expertise you need to quickly virtualize tens or hundreds of databases or files.

Data Virtualization Process

Data Virtualization Process


At Axis we have been delivering successful data virtualization projects to some of the largest financial services and healthcare companies in the world.  Our solutions virtualization and mask your data so it can be delivered at the speed of light!

Case Studies

Large Scale Virtualization

Data Virtualization Projects

The Right People + The Right Tool = Success!

We can virtualize your data using Delphix Virtualization or other products using our repeatable virtualization process to quickly allow you to create secure development/testing environments for use by your development and testing teams.  Some of our packaged services offerings are:

  • Virtualization Assessment – A custom virtualization roadmap to ensure success
  • GDPR Virtualization – Start implementing GDPR, Privacy by Design and by Default
  • Virtualization Managed Service – take the complexity out of virtualization
  • Virtualization Pilot for 5 Applications – a pilot project to validate your virtualization program
  • Virtualization for 20 Applications – an optimized project for clients with a large database footprint