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Data Masking by Design

DMsuite Data Masking


DMsuite™ is the leading enterprise data masking software product on the market.  With one click you can mask all your PII, HIPAA and other confidential data by replacing it with realistic but fictitious data!  No Programming is required! It has a easy to use web interface to automate your data masking process and a Certification module to keep your data masked!

Today's Data Security Forecast:

Cloudy with a Chance of Big Data

According to recent Gartner research, unstructured data accounts for at least 80% of an organization’s data. If left unmanaged, the sheer volume of unstructured data that’s generated each year within a company can be costly in a number of ways, ranging from security vulnerabilities to compliance risks. Add cloud computing to the mix and you are left with a data storm that could potentially turn into a monsoon.

Watch the demo, "How DMsuite Masks your Hadoop Data" to learn about our solution for ensuring the protection of your business data.

HIPAA Data De Identification

DMsuite will mask all the 18 PHI identifiers in your data repositories:

HIPAA Compliance

Data Masking Case Study

Data masking is only effective if you are truly covered. Learn how BankAtlantic is safe-guarding customer records and exceeding regulatory compliance with DMsuite™.  Read more...

More Solutions

Axis has helped its clients solve some of the most complicated sensitive data management problems in the industry. The process, tools, and experience we bring to each of our projects have made us preferred partners for sensitive data solutions among our clients. Read more...