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Organizations That Are In Regulated Industries

The kinds of organizations we help, and the industries they represent, are as varied as today’s business landscape. Here are a few scenarios where Axis is used most frequently and can make the greatest impact.

Companies Looking To Secure Their Customer, Vendor, and Employee Data

Many organizations are in this predicament. They’ve largely overlooked how to share data and still maintain data security. Any existing processes tend to be highly manual and prone to error. As a result, they often purchase a product in the hope that it will magically provide “self-service” to their existing teams.

Companies Moving To The Cloud

While most companies see the benefits in moving their data and software development to the cloud, they often face the daunting risk of inadvertently exposing customer data.

Companies Using Offshore Development Partners

The need to save money is critical in today’s economy. In the IT world it is now commonplace for businesses to leverage offshore resources for BAU workloads. As a result, data security becomes a stumbling block to being competitive. The idea of redesigning all the business applications to include robust security functionality is not only daunting but unfeasible.

Enterprises Deploying and Developing Business Software

These organizations have tried other solutions — they know data security isn’t as easy as writing a script. They need a bona fide pro to strategize and execute a repeatable solution — as opposed to the overextended internal person who has been “handling it” up to now.

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