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Who Axis Technology, LLC Is

Axis Technology, LLC is a leading Data Privacy Solutions firm based in Boston. We work with clients worldwide, architecting and integrating DataOps products that speed up access to secure data. Over 20 years, Axis has built a reputation as experts in Data Security solutions, solving some of the largest data privacy challenges with proven process and software. We built the data privacy product, DMsuite, which became popular in both the financial services and healthcare markets. Eventually, we sold DMsuite to Delphix and now focus our energy on helping Fortune 500 companies secure and provision their data faster than ever before!

Pain Points Axis Resolves
  • We get “Data”, with all its complexities, nuances, and history
  • Scalable Solutions – What you do with data is changing all the time but the data itself doesn’t change much, you just get more data
  • Cloud Adoption – We are experts in solutions to securely migrate your data to the cloud
  • A no surprises, fixed-price business model provides clients assurance they won’t spend a lot of money and have little to show for it

Axis has been creating data security solutions for clients for 20 years, long before the advent of commercial data masking tools

Axis Technology understands the financial services and healthcare industries and the applications that run them

Our 5-step proprietary process ensures customer projects are performed in a managed and organized fashion with “No Surprises”!

The Axis Mission

At Axis, our mission is to provide our clients data privacy solutions faster and more cost effectively than anyone else. Our unique pedigree allows us to solve problems others can’t — we are often called in when projects get in trouble, but we prefer to do it right the first time!

Axis achieves its mission by creating Data Privacy solutions that don’t require our clients to develop completely new applications from scratch. Our mastery of the mechanics of data security means we focus more time on what our clients need and not on how to do it. We don’t need drawn-out processes to manually design, build, and test code to secure your data. We understand how and when to use the features of the products we recommend as well as a library of software tools we have developed for our clients over the years to execute rapidly.

Top 5 Benefits of Axis Data Privacy Solutions
  1. Create a measurable, documented, and repeatable process for protecting PCI, PHI, PII, or other sensitive data in a consistent manner across all your platforms and environments
  2. Use technology to streamline your data provisioning process, saving time and resources (power, disk space, and cpu)
  3. Provide an automated, self-service data provisioning solution which can reduce the time to market for new applications
  4. Allow you to share data with your partners without the risk of a data breach
  5. Support data architecture initiatives by creating a consolidated inventory of your environment’s data structures, access mechanisms and controls, batch integration, data provisioning process, etc.

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