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AWS Data Privacy Solutions

Amazon AWS is changing the IT industry!

Axis’s repeatable 5-Step AWS Data Privacy Solution will allow you to securely embrace the benefits of cloud computing without putting your data at risk. Application development and test data management can be migrated to AWS and allow your team to develop faster and reduce costs.

Big Data/AI

Using Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI to power your business

Companies in every line of business have started to leverage the capabilities of AI to drive innovation and efficiency. Predictive Analytics, Classification, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing are all being used to develop AI solutions to their respective domains.

CCPA Compliance

CCPA Compliance

Are you ready for CCPA compliance? The cost of a data breach has exponentially increased as the size of data increases. The 14th-annual Cost of Data Breach Study found that the average cost of a data breach was $3.92M and, on average, took 279 days to identify and contain. Violations of these regulations could cost you millions.

Cyber Security

Cyber Risk Solutions

Cyber Security identifies your sensitive data and secures it everywhere. Learn more about Axis’s cyber security and secure softeware projects.

Data Privacy

The Right People + The Right Tool = Success!

Data Privacy solutions replace information that identifies a natural person such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. with realistic but fictitious data. Axis can provide you the data privacy solutions you need to quickly secure tens or hundreds of databases or files.

Database Virtualization

Next generation secure data solutions

Are you using Oracle or SQLServer for your business applications and need rigorous field testing for your projects or new applications? At Axis, we understand that you need to use huge amounts of data, some of which is very sensitive, to make sure no bugs get released into production. With an automated Axis database virtualization solution, you’ll be able to provide each developer or tester with a complete and functional database.

DataOps Process Design

The Axis solution ensures you can handle all of your regulatory challenges

Our experts developed a methodology during our 20 years of providing data privacy services to Fortune 500 clients. We design a business process catered to your needs that is simple and easy for your employees to follow to safeguard you against hefty fines due to a violation.

GDPR Compliance

Are you ready?

Data Privacy is an enhancing technology that allows companies to meet one of the key requirements of the GDPR “Privacy by Design and by Default”. It provides Controllers a mechanism to ensure that real personal data is not processed in non-production environments.

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