Axis MongoDB Plugin

The Axis MongoDB plugin provides all the features you need to extend the benefits of virtualization to your MongoDB databases. Our plugin uses the Delphix API framework to extend the out-of-the-box functionality of Delphix Virtualization and is developed, tested, and supported by Axis.

Many of our clients use MongoDB as a document-based data store for new application development projects that need its many unique features. As these projects grow, they would like to get all the great virtualization features such as bookmarking, instant data delivery and massive disk savings by virtualizing their MongoDB databases like they do for Oracle and SQLServer. Unfortunately, Delphix does not support MongoDB out-of-the-box. The solution is the Axis MongoDB plugin.

Pain Points Addressed

Without the MongoDB plugin, users face the following challenges:

  • They need to provide multiple developers, testers, and QA teams with their own copy of the MongoDB database
  • The MongoDB database is large and requires meaningful time to make a copy
  • Development, testing, and QA teams need to rewind the database to run daily, weekly, and monthly testing scenarios
  • MongoDB databases need a disaster recovery solution in case of failure

Implementation Process

Any industry that uses MongoDB can benefit from virtualization with Delphix and our MongoDB plugin. The people that are most likely to engage with our plugin are MongoDB administrators or regular database administrators that would be managing a Delphix installation. Developers and coders would benefit from having virtual copies as well, but might not be engaged until later in the process.

Once the MongoDB plugin is purchased, deployment can be completed simply with documentation from Axis. The next phase of implementation and usage can be completed without the help of Axis, however, we have seen much more success when we are involved to help walk our clients through the process. After deployment and implementation, we will continue to be engaged to address any issues found or enhancements requested. To complete the process, a Delphix Virtualization Engine installation is required. Our yearly licensing/support fee is offered at a very competitive price.

Once the Axis MongoDB plugin is implemented at your organization, we can start talking about your data privacy needs and how Axis Technology can help.
Axis MongoDB Plugin

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