Why was Axis Technology, LLC founded?

To fill a gap between strategy and data. As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, data is becoming critical to the enterprise. Managing, securing, and sharing data has become a top priority at many firms either because of regulations or competition. While managing data is often left to the DBA groups, often they are overwhelmed with administrative tasks and find it difficult to focus on strategic data issues. Application development groups often understand data strategy issues, but often focus only on “their” data. A comprehensive view of how data is used, stored, shared, and protected is critical for today’s technology groups. Axis is strategic, integrated, and affordable – just the right fit for organizations who are looking to outsource their entire data management function or some sub-section of it.

Can you describe Axis in a few sentences?

We are experts in the domain of DataOps and have resources tasked with Data Strategy, DataOps Implementations, and ongoing technical support. We’re not in the business of selling just software or the next “big idea”. Instead, we take a comprehensive, integrated approach to develop a solution that begins with a period of serious thought and continues with the tactical execution necessary to drive results. Axis gets “inside” your particular challenges, your budget, and your goals – and creates cost-effective, metrics-driven DataOps solutions.

What separates Axis from other firms?

With Axis, you get the best of both worlds: intelligent DataOps strategy and expert implementation and execution, delivered holistically. High-priced IT consulting firms focus on strategy only – just a small slice of the total DataOps picture. They structure their compensation to increase with every project they perform for you. Axis develops tools and implements DataOps solutions based on our deep experience with clients like you. Our interests are aligned with yours in a partnership, with a compensation structure that doesn’t reward us for selling you just software but a holistic solution.

How does Axis get compensated?

You pay an affordable fixed fee and that’s all. We assign a team of resources based on the project requirements. An Axis Customer Success Manager will provide weekly status updates and ensure progress and issues are communicated. Our experience in delivering these projects allows us to estimate the effort necessary and address issues so you don’t get hit for any additional costs. This operational simplicity takes away our incentive to burn hours in order to pad our invoices. On the contrary, we are incented to complete your project sooner and get another great reference!

Can I afford Axis?

Yes, you can. When you bring Axis in to implement your DataOps solution you eliminate the cost of in-house salaries, retirement benefits, paid vacations, and 401Ks. Instead, you pay only for what you need, for as long as you need it. The Axis philosophy is not to spend-and-see. We focus, tighten, and pinpoint spending so, in some cases, we may recommend reallocating engines rather than purchasing new ones. Our compensation structure includes no markups or commissions for any of the solutions we recommend. For the cost of a DBA, you gain the invaluable expertise of a 3-person DataOps team with the breadth of knowledge and expertise an internal hire cannot match.

Can you actually help Virtualize and Mask my Data?

Absolutely. With us, it’s not about handing you a high-level strategy – or doing some fancy creative – and saying “here you go, good luck.” We work step-by-step with you in the trenches to develop and execute repeatable Masking and Virtualization solutions. Axis isn’t just another staffing firm or consultant. You could say we’re like a coach and on-field player all rolled into one. We not only help design the overall DataOps game plan, but we’re on the field with you, directing and carrying out this play-by-play strategy to ensure victory is achieved.

Can’t I just hire an internal person to do this?

Sure you could, but it would be next to impossible to find someone with the depth and breadth of expertise you get with a three-person Axis team that’s supported by our internal team of Virtualization and Masking experts. It’s a matter of having a single person who’s a general jack of all trades, versus the synergy of a cutting-edge team with sub-specialty marketing expertise spanning the full spectrum of marketing tactics. We also are far more efficient versus an internal hire given we’re already well versed and experienced with the products and tactics we implement for our clients every day. We should be because in some cases we built the product!

How can you make all of this affordable?

It’s simple. Data Masking and Virtualization strategy and execution is what we do, day in and out. The only real learning curve is to dive into what your business is all about. We’ve developed streamlined and effective ways to do this quickly. Axis also draws on a wealth of knowledge and experiences – gained from tackling similar challenges for our diverse base of clients – that can easily be transferred and applied to the projects we undertake for you.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. You pay only for the services you need, for the period you need them. What’s more, you can gear our involvement level to coincide with your evolving needs. If you’re like most companies, you may have a more intense need for our services during the early stages of the deployment. Once Axis has done most of the groundwork and has set a strategic direction, it’s often feasible to scale us back to a business as usual level – while retaining the consistent and relentless focus we bring to the picture.

How would we begin working together?

After having an initial phone conversation, we’ll arrange for our Managing Partner to come to your place of business. We use this introductory face-to-face meeting to learn more about your needs, challenges, goals, and pain points. After the meeting, we’ll develop a custom implementation proposal for you, outlining what we believe your greatest needs, opportunities, and challenges to be. This is all prior to you entering any sort of hiring agreement.

How would you describe the Axis culture?

If you love the idea of two-hour lunches at expensive restaurants and meetings on the golf course, you should google some larger consulting firms. Axis would rather mask your first database and get your developers to start using it. We have seen the benefits of leveraging DataOps products to solve some long-standing data challenges. We are, after all, data geeks who eat, sleep, and breathe our mission. We’re thought leaders, not salesmen. Listeners, not talkers. Savers, not spenders. Focused, fun, approachable, and passionate.

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